Body politics: workshop and museum visit (20 July 2024)

WorkshopBody politics: workshop and museum visit
Date20 July 2024 10.30 - 15.30
LocationLondon Euston and British Museum
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Body politics: workshop and museum visit

Yoga in the modern world is moulded by processes of religion, nationalism, neoliberalism and technological change. The body of blood, flesh and tears interacts with and is constituted by church and state. In other words, yoga as a bodily practice is acted on and influenced by the body politic. This in-person workshop and museum visit follows on from the four week online course 'Body politics: identity' that examines these processes.
The day starts with a two-hour discussion workshop in London, Euston on 'body politics: identity'. We will share Indian food for lunch from Drummond Street. In the afternoon we visit the public galleries of the British Museum a short walk down the road.