Orienting Yoga: the Art of History July 4 2020

LectureOrienting Yoga: The Art of History
DateSaturday July 4 2020 17.30 - 19.00
HostHereford Yoga Centre

Orientating Yoga: The Art of History

As practitioners of yoga we are usually quite sure what yoga is and why we do it. But across time, place, language and culture – what was yoga? And what do we imagine yoga will be? Does past and future collide in the present of our practice, and should we pay attention?

Join Ruth Westoby for a short talk and discussion of what is, and was, yoga. See whether she can persuade you that historicising and philosophising could be a practice of yoga.  Ruth will define yoga, offer a timeline of yogas, and attempt to integrate contemporary and classical critical theories.

The format is a live Zoom seminar in which you can ask questions and offer reflections. Ruth will provide further study resources to participants.