Mysore style Ashtanga Self-Practice and History of Yoga Workshop

WorkshopMysore style Ashtanga Self-Practice and History of Yoga
Date30 September 2018
Time7.30 - 9.30 / 13.00 - 15.30
LocationAshtanga Bristol

Mysore style Ashtanga Self-Practice and History of Yoga Workshop

Mysore style Ashtanga Self-Practice

Ruth will guide and assist students through the Ashtanga sequences, offering advice and, where welcome, adjustments. This session is open to all though students with some experience of self-practicing the Ashtanga sequences will be more familiar with the format. All students are welcome from beginners to those with established practices working on Primary, Intermediate and Advanced A.

History Workshop

This two and a half-hour workshop will offer a clear chronological history of the development of yoga. Ruth will guide us through a timeframe charting the principle definitions of yoga over time, glimpse the practitioners, read their texts, explore their desires and intentions, and probe resonances with our own practices. We will trace the story of yoga from practices and perspectives emerging perhaps 4000 years ago, reading mesmerising accounts of iconic yogic figures on the edges of society. We will tell the tale all the way through to today’s yogis in India and across the globe who are resorting to and reworking these ancient practices through modern encounters.

The workshop will include lecture, readings and discussions. Ruth will bring materials for us to explore. No previous knowledge is expected, all are welcome. If you would like to read anything before the workshop please try Mark Singleton and James Mallinson’s Roots of Yoga published by Penguin in 2017.