Yoga and Āyurveda 30 March 2019

WorkshopYoga and Āyurveda
Date30 March 2019
Time11.30 - 14.30
LocationAstanga Yoga London
Image creditP. Gopalacharlu, Ayurvedic Medicines, Wellcome Collection

Yoga and Āyurveda

Yoga and Āyurveda are twinned with one another in the popular imagination but until recently they developed separately with little apparent influence on one another.

This workshop will sketch Āyurveda or Indian medicine (literally ‘knowledge of life’) from its roots in the Compendium of Caraka over two millennia ago and consider the modern day’s seeming synergy between yoga and Āyurveda. Ruth will sketch the Āyurvedic understanding of the body (pathways or nāḍīs and humours or dhātus) and the concept of health as a balance between physical, psychological, social and environmental planes of being. We will compare Āyurvedic and Yogic conceptions of the body and their proper functioning in terms of health, longevity and liberation. Drawing on recent research we will trace the points on which Āyurveda and Yoga converge and the extent to which they differ.

This workshop will be part-lecture, part-discussion but will not be a practical application of Āyurvedic principles of diagnostics.