Self-Practice and Philosophies of Yoga 7 April 2019

WorkshopSelf-Practice and Philosophies of Yoga
Date7 April 2019
Time10.00 - 16.00
LocationStone Monkey, Coventry

Self-Practice and Philosophies of Yoga

In this self-practice session Ruth hopes to support and enthuse your practice both through the simple act of coming together to practise and through tips and assists where desired. Ruth has a non-dogmatic, relaxed yet precise approach to using the Ashtanga system as a framework for exploring body and mind. All practitioners welcome.
Philosophies of Yoga
Techniques of yoga can be seen as floating free of religious or ideological moorings: they are considered to work regardless of your beliefs. However, the historical and cultural contexts in which yoga has developed have informed yoga practitioners. Today’s practitioners draw on a wide breadth and depth of philosophies to ground their practices.
This workshop will work backwards from the beliefs, theories and philosophies of contemporary practitioners – explored through pooling the perspectives of participants – to sketch their roots in the philosophies of yoga: Sāṃkhya, Vedānta, Buddhism and Śaivism. The intention is to indicate the key doctrines of these schools, their historical relations with one another, and their influences on modern yoga.
The workshop will be part-lecture and part-discussion. Resources will be shared to support and further your own studies.