Philosophy on the Road – Nepal 20 July 2019

WorkshopPhilosophy on the Road - Nepal
Date20 - 24 July 2019

Philosophy on the Road - Nepal

I will be teaching the ‘Philosophy on the Road’ component of Heather Elton’s teacher training in Nepal. Please visit her website for full details on the training.

This is Heather’s vision for the philosophy component:


  • What makes the Nepal TTC different from other trainings is the ‘Philosophy on the Road’ module where you study yoga philosophy in situ; on location in Nepal.
  • You will feel supported in your practice by monks, priests, sadhus, and have a chance to visit sacred sites where ancient yogic traditions are still alive.
  • Integrate yoga philosophy into your teachings and personal practice.
  • Hindu, Buddhist and contemporary yogic philosophy are taught in a way that lifts it ‘off the page’ and ‘off the mat’.
  • Integrate ancient wisdom traditions with contemporary psychology into a mindful practice.
  • Have an overview of ancient yoga thought and the roots of modern postural yoga.
  • Discuss current ideas in contemporary yoga like Neo-liberalism, Cultural Appropriation, Post-Colonialism and Gender Issues in Yoga.
  • Yoga philosophy is more than an academic lesson; it’s a yogic inquiry relevant to real life.
  • We aim to reveal the spiritual path underlying the practice so you can glimpse your true nature – Puruṣa (pure consciousness).
  • Begin a genuine spiritual practice.